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Scottish Blend 80 Tea Bags 200g

Scottish Blend 80 Tea Bags 200g

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Scottish Blend tea is famed for its full flavour and full-bodied taste. Special pyramid tea bag uses its revolutionary webbed fibres that allow the tea leaves room to infuse and breathe, making a delicious perfect cup of refreshing Scottish tea. No other tea tastes quite so good!
Scottish Blend pyramid 1 cup catering tea bags are ideal for use in cafes, breakfast rooms, meetings, or simply at home. Scottish Blend tea is made in the UK with 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified premium quality natural black tea, nothing else is added.
Scottish tea is also gluten-free, lactose-free, MSG-free, preservative-free, with no artificial colours and is suitable for vegetarians.
Scottish Blend Tea top tip; add your fresh milk after the tea has finished brewing and not before, for a perfect cup of tea.
Scottish Blend Teabags are unique because they have been designed to be used with freshly boiled Scottish soft water to make a traditionally strong and fulsome cup of real Scottish tea. Don't worry if you can't get Scottish water, Scottish Blend teabags brew just as well in most freshly boiled hot water.




Nutritional Information per 100g
- of which saturates:0g
- of which sugars:0g

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