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Typhoo Decaffeinated 80 Tea bags

Typhoo Decaffeinated 80 Tea bags

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We’ve taken our signature Typhoo blend and used a decaffeination process to gently remove the caffeine. This method is believed to give a better flavour of decaffeinated tea. Typhoo wants to contribute to a better world for people and nature. That is why we source our tea responsibly by buying from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms. When you choose our Rainforest Alliance Certified tea, you can be confident that you are supporting farmers to look after their workers and help protect our natural resources.

We proudly support the Ethical Tea Partnership – the people who are striving to improve the lives of tea workers around the world. They aim to create a more healthy, happy and fair working environment for tea workers and their communities.




Nutritional Information per 100g
- of which saturates:0g
- of which sugars:0g

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